What is FIBA? You need to know Origin and History, Rules, Faults

Basketball is a sport that has been of great importance for everyone, and this has encouraged it in the passage of history to have to evolve and acquire new statutes and Fiba one of the organizations responsible for giving way to new regulations. Join us to see the meaning of Fiba and much more 토토사이트

FIBA Origin and History

The International Basketball Federation (FIBA) has been a body that has been growing and acquired new statutes that have given the sport a higher level. The meaning of Fiba is represented as an organization that somehow puts its effort into the regularization of the rules of said discipline as well as the responsibility to regularly hold competitions and events in the disciplines.

It originated in 1932 for the first time having its headquarters in Switzerland, specifically in Geneva. As of 2007, it has the affiliation of 213 national federations that have given importance to the meaning of Fiba has already taken center stage in the world and have somehow been relevant in basketball in the world.

In its beginning, it was founded by 8 national federations, which was

  • Argentina
  • Greece
  • Italy
  • Romania
  • Portugal
  • Switzerland
  • Lithuania
  • Czechoslovakia

In the meaning of Fiba, these federations were of great importance to the world since they were somehow the protagonists of a sport that has made history in the world.


His first tournament was held in 1936, being held in the basketball tournament at the Olympic Games, subsequently following in 1950 in the first Men’s Basketball World Championship held in Buenos Aires with the participation of 10 national teams.

After various championships held, the meaning of Fiba in the federation leaves aside his amateur way of playing and in 1989 he decides to open his doors to professional football thus taking the first step towards a sport full of great triumphs.

Its first president was the Swiss Leon Bouffard, who was established after its creation. For his part, it is currently the Australian Bob Elphinston who is the president, thus giving great achievements and recognition, thus enriching the meaning of the Fiba

Fiba Rules

The International Basketball Federation is responsible for the confrontation between large teams, thus organizing major sporting events such as the World Championship and the Olympic Games respectively. The teams are responsible for making sense of the discipline and the tournament and therefore must establish rules that help in the individual and collective performance of the players.

Fiba Faults

The rules of the Fiba are somewhat stricter than the rules of the other organizations. In it, players only have five skillful fouls before being completely expelled from the game, this causes players to have more discipline on the pitch

It is important to clarify that if the foul is caused during a dead ball, it will not be counted as a technical foul but a personal foul.

Under FIBA ??rules, players only have five fouls before they are ejected from the game. A foul that occurs during a dead ball is not a technical foul (it is only a personal foul).