How Many Games are Played in the NBA?

The NBA (National Basket Association) is the official Federation that regulates the main basketball league in the United States and, therefore, in the world. Founded in 1946 in New York, the NBA organizes every year the tournament where the best stars of this sport play.

In addition 사설토토 to spectacular, the NBA is an obvious physical competition. The preparation of its players is exquisite and the maximum demands, a consequence of the intensity of the game … and the extensive calendar that is applied in the competition. As spectators we are delighted, but do we know how many matches are in the NBA?


Based on the newly started 2013-2014 season, we will tell you that each team will play 82 games during the regular phase. Since there are currently 30 franchises in the NBA, the accounts are clear: 1230 games in total. A few, right? Well, there is more.

After the regular season, the most exciting matches will come during the playoffs. In each of the two conferences (East and West), a first-round of clashes (4 matches), the semifinals (2 matches) and the final (1 match) will then be played. If we consider that each match is played at the best of 7 games, the result is as follows: the final phase will add a minimum of 32 more matches and a maximum of 56.

Adding everything, we are ready to say that in the NBA between 1262 and 1286 games are played. More or less tight, more or less bright, with more or less emotion … but all part of a basketball competition that remains, by far, the best team in the world.

To finish some more numbers. Did you know that the longest NBA game was played by Indianapolis Olympians and Rochester Royals in 1951? The first ones won by 75-73 and 6 extra times were necessary. And if we tell you that the team that has the biggest winning streak with 33 in Los Angeles (1971-1972)? There are more records and curiosities, but we will not tell you everything in this post.

Regular season

In the regular season, each team plays 82 games, divided equally between home and away matches. The calendar is not the same for everyone, as teams face opponents of their own division four times; before those of the other two divisions of his conference, between three or four times and against those of the other conference, twice a year.

All-Star Game

In February, the NBA is interrupted to celebrate the annual All-Star Game. Fans are put to a vote throughout the United States and Canada, and online. The most voted are part of the two teams (East and West) that will be challenged in a match. Also included in the All-Star Game are the challenges of the best triple shooter and the best free kill executor.


The NBA Playoffs are based on 3 rounds of competition between 16 teams distributed in the Western Conference and the Eastern Conference. These teams are the top 16 ranked in the entire NBA.

The winners of the First Round (or quarterfinals of the conference) advance to the Conference Semifinals, then the Conference Finals and the winners to the NBA Finals, played between the champions of each conference.


In the final round, the champions of each conference face the best of seven matches. The first to win in four games will finally be the NBA champion and can wear the ring. The MVP (Most Valuable Player) prize of the finals is also assigned, which is usually a component of the champion team.